Healthy Diets to Fight Cellulite and Lose Weight

A Healthy Lunch

Looking for a healthy diet plan? This section has all the best and most popular healthy diets; whether it is the latest diet trends such as the Atkins Diet or just a more general diet such as a low fat high protein diet.

Each one of these diet plans that I talk about in this section is not set in stone. What I mean by that is feel free to combine a few ideas from a couple plans and make up your own plan built just for you. In fact I don’t suggest it, I encourage it! Your free healthy diet plan is just that, yours. It’ll be your best quick weight loss diet plan because no one plan is the best for everyone.

What I want you to get out of this section is a general idea and understand what makes each diet different and unique. By reading through these articles and uncovering these free weight loss meal plans you’ll also develop the thinking process to make up a diet routine full of healthy and hearty whole foods and snacks on the fly like I have. How do I know this? Well, I developed the same exact skill the same way!

What Exactly is a Diet Plan?

Before we go into what all the diet plans are I think it is important to get you to understand what exactly a diet plan is. It seems like a fairly obvious answer right? Well, there is a little more to it than just coming up with a list of foods to make your free weight loss meal plan.

A great diet plan has taken into account things such as portion size, carb/fat/protein ratio and intake, and calories. Did I scare you for a second? Well, don’t worry you don’t have to expect to bring a calculator and feel like you’re doing math homework every time you want to eat something. Truth is you can still have a good diet plan with just keeping in mind some basic things which brings me to my next topic…

What Makes a New Diet Plan Idea Into a Good Diet Plan Idea?

One of the most important things to take into account when it comes to a diet plan is the portion size and number of meals. No matter what diet plan you come up with it should always be smaller portion and more meals. Your eating should be spaced out evenly throughout the day.

One of the major contributions to weight gain is the enormous portion sizes one eats. Some people mistakenly think eating one or two huge meals a day is better than eating a couple snacks and smaller meals. That is so far from the truth.

Think about it for a second; our bodies can only digest so much at once. When our bodies are starving for nutrients when we don’t give it any for a while, then we suddenly give it a huge surge of nutrients all at once; what do you think our body is going to do?

Let me use a real world scenario for you. You just get a new job. You are used to getting a paycheck every week but this new job pays you once a month in one big lump sum. You probably don’t balance your money well the first couple months and may come up short near your next paycheck. A few paychecks later you start knowing how much to save so you have enough to pay your bills and how much spending money you have left over. Well when your check comes around now you are going to budget and save a bit more right? Your body is no different. See where I’m coming from now?

The problem with our body doing this is it has to convert the nutrients into something easily storable in our body. Our nutrients are stored as fat which is something you’re looking to get rid of. By spacing out your meals and eating smaller portions you are giving your body the nutrients it needs when it needs it which will discourage your body from building up a high fat storage.

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